Bringing alive the music of Duke Ellington

Transcriptions by Michael Kilpatrick
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CD Guide

Many of the titles presented here were recorded many times by Duke Ellington and his orchestra. Some of the titles are quite and rare and have been recorded only once. The following table details many of the CDs on the original recordings may be found.

CD Title Label Number Content
Live at the Blue Note Bandstand BDCD1523
Duke Ellington Presents Bethlehem 75916
The Best of Duke Ellington Capitol 31501
The Complete D.E. 1947-1952 Vol.2 CBS 462986
The Complete D.E. 1947-1952 Vol.4 CBS 462988
World Broadcast Series Vol.2 Circle CCD-102
World Broadcast Series Vol.3 Circle CCD-103
World Broadcast Series Vol.5 Circle CCD-105
D.E. & his Orchestra 1946 Classics 1015
D.E. & his Orchestra 1946-1947 Classics 1051
D.E. & his Orchestra 1936-1937 Classics 666
D.E. & his Orchestra 1937 Vol.2 Classics 687
D.E. & his Orchestra 1938 Classics 700
D.E. & his Orchestra 1938 Vol.3 Classics 726
D.E. & his Orchestra 1940 Classics 805
D.E. & his Orchestra 1940-1941 Classics 837
D.E. & his Orchestra 1942-1944 Classics 867
D.E. & his Orchestra 1944-1945 Classics 881
Such Sweet Thunder Columbia CK 65568
The Collection 46-47 Recordings Hindsight HBDC 501
The Duke In Boston Jazz Unlimited JUCD 2022
Happy Birthday, Duke! Vol.1 Laserlight 15 783
D.E. The Great Chicago Concerts Limelight 844 401-2
The Complete Capitol Recordings of D.E. Mosaic MD5-160
The Reprise Studio Recordings Mosaic MD5-193
Carnegie Hall Concerts Dec. 1944 Prestige 2PCD-24073-2
Carnegie Hall Concerts Dec. 1947 Prestige 2PCD-24075-2
Carnegie Hall Concerts Jan. 1943 Prestige 2PCD-34004-2
D.E. The Private Collection Vol.1 Saja 7 91041-2
The Complete Standard Transcriptions (1941) Soundies SCD 4107
The Treasury Shows Vol.1 Storyville 903 9001
The Treasury Shows Vol.2 Storyville 903 9002
The Treasury Shows Vol.3 Storyville 903 9003
The Treasury Shows Vol.5 Storyville 903 9005
The Treasury Shows Vol.7 Storyville 903 9007
The Treasury Shows Vol.8 Storyville 903 9008